Christian Aid May 2024: Push back against poverty

Christian Aid May 2024: Push back against poverty

Push back against poverty: An article about donations for Christian Aid and a forthcoming bake sale in the church hall

In Burundi, malnourishment and poverty affect more than 70% of the population, making survival a daily struggle. Jobs and food are hard to come by, and those who have homes often have no electricity or running water.

By donating to Christian Aid this May, you can help ensure small business training funded by Christian Aid, will continue to enable people in Burundi get the skills and knowledge they need to push back against the inhumanity of poverty.

There will be a Bake Sale in the Church Hall on Sunday May 12th at 11.15 am until 12 pm to help raise funds for Christian Aid.

Please bring any bake contributions to the hall between 9.30am and 10am on the 12th or after the service.

Donations for Christian Aid can be made via the Christian Aid envelopes available in Church throughout the month of May. The envelopes can be safely put in the safe in the wall in Church on the left. The church is open daily from 10 am to 4 pm.

Can we beat our outstanding total of £4,727.80 raised last year?

You can also donate online via the digital envelope using this link: or by using the QR code below.

Contact for enquiries about this worthy cause: Jane McBain