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Suggestion Form for St Mary’s Charitable Giving 2018

Suggestion Form for St Mary’s Charitable Giving 2018
St. Mary’s, Iffley

In addition to the charitable support outlined in St Mary’s Charitable Giving Policy, St Mary’s Church will give donations of £1,000 to three chosen charities and £500 to two further charities making a total of £4,000 in 2018.

Would you like to suggest a charity? St Mary’s Charities Committee is likely to support charities in areas of education, health and disability, poverty, homelessness and refugee projects, peace and reconciliation and the environment.

A nominated organisation will reflect Christian values and meet some or all of the following criteria:

  • Evidence that the chosen charity is effective.
  • The charity reflects the views of the congregation.
  • Evidence of direct congregational involvement in the charity.
  • Indications that a relationship can be built with the charity.
  • Indications that the charity’s other funding sources are limited.
  • Evidence that the Church’s giving, although small, will make a difference.

Brief summary of the work, aims and location of your suggested charity

Which of the criteria (listed overleaf) are met by the organisation you are suggesting? Please give details.

About You

What is your involvement with the charity that you are suggesting ?

How will you champion this charity to encourage additional fundraising and awareness if your suggestion is successful?

The Deadline for project proposals for 2018 is 31 October 2017.

  • Printed forms should be returned to the Church Office
  • Emailed forms should be returned to Jurrian at j.e.boom@gmail.com.