Fish and Chip Club

What is the Fish and Chip Club??

This is the name of St. Mary’s group for primary school age children.  We meet during the Sunday morning service (10.00am usually) and have our own space in the Church Hall for energetic games and quieter activities in the room upstairs. We rejoin the service at communion and stay until the end.

What do we do?

We sometimes have energetic team games in the Hall relating to the theme for the session.  We then move upstairs and work on the theme in some other way and finish with prayer.  At the moment we have a prayer wall on which we pin coloured stars with our prayers written on them.  After pinning  them up we read them out and all say Amen after each one.  We enjoy festivals of the church year and birthdays and parties.

Children are sometimes more aware of the sacred and the importance of the Big questions than adults.  As a Christian Community we want to talk about these things and give truthful answers.  We want to lay foundations of faith that are strong enough to survive the storms of adolescence and will not be remembered as childish stories like Father Christmas.  It is also a time when the service in church is geared to adults and not to children of this age and so gives them their ‘church’ time.

Health and Safety

We hope we tick all the boxes with DBS checks, a children’s advocate, consent forms and registration docs.  We also have a fire extinguisher and First Aid box regularly checked.