Emmaus Course

emmaus-logo-largeA course for growing Christians and anyone who would like to explore the Christian faith

The Emmaus course is a friendly, informal, and interesting way to learn more about what Christians believe. It is also a way to meet people and get more involved in church life at St. Mary’s – although you don’t need to attend St. Mary’s to be very welcome at Emmaus.

The course is usually held in the Autumn (see provisional 2013 dates below). Those who take part will be in a small group that meets weekly in a leader’s home. These are relaxed times when you can ask questions, share your own views, and learn from others. There is no pressure!

The subjects covered include:

  • Who? What? Where? Is God
  • Jesus Christ – His Life and Mission
  • Jesus Christ – His Death and Resurrection
  • The Holy Spirit
  • The Bible – What’s So Special About it?
  • Believing and Belonging – What is a Personal Faith?
  • Church – What’s the Point?
  • Living as Though God Matters

At each meeting, you will have an opportunity to hear some simple explanations, and discuss them with others who, like you, have questions.

Is Emmaus for you?

Anyone can benefit from the course.

  • You may be a ‘convinced Christian’ who would like to go over the basics and be reminded of your core beliefs.
  • You may have some nagging questions at the back of your mind, or may have hit some roadblocks in your personal life, and would like to deal with these things in a small group setting.
  • You may know almost nothing about church, or what Christians believe, or what any of it could possibly have to do with you. Yet you are curious, and want to know more.
  • Perhaps you used to go to church, and would like a way back in.
  • You may have a friend or family member who is a Christian, and you would like to understand them better.
  • You may recently have attended a baptism, a funeral, or a wedding – and it’s got you thinking about spiritual things.

The Emmaus course is for you!

We begin with an introductory evening where the course is explained. This is your chance to see if you would like to continue. There is no commitment at this point, just information, and if you decide to ‘pass’ … that’s perfectly fine and there will be no questions asked.

If you go on with the course, you are asked to commit to attending all eight sessions, because each week builds on what has already been discussed.

Provisional dates for the 2013 course are:

Monday, 23 September – Introductory evening

30 September and 7, 14, 21 October – Sessions 1-4

28 October – No meeting (Half-Term holiday)

4, 11, 18, 25 November – Sessions 5-8

We begin with hot drinks and biscuits at 7:30, start our session at 7:45 and are always done by 9:30. That’s a promise.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact