Could you help us to welcome visitors and care for this ancient and special place? banner-on-churchyd-wall

Living Stones is run by a team of committed and loyal volunteers and we are always looking for enthusiastic new people.

Please contact ptyack.livingstones@gmail.com

For those interested in working with our visitors we need:

  • Church guides and welcomers
  • Churchyard guides
  • Helpers for our programme of lectures, craft activities and children’s days
  • Helpers with refreshments, First Aid and photography



We value our volunteers highly and recognise their important place within our organisation. In turn, they give us their time and enthusiasm, while making new friends and enjoying the privilege of working in such a beautiful and inspiring place.

If you are interested in becoming part of our team please fill in the form below or download the application form and return it to ptyack.livingstones@gmail.com

Q How much time will volunteering for Living Stones take?
A We usually run about eight events a year and these are listed on the Events Diary. Choose which events you would like to help with, and decide to commit either a whole or half a day at your convenience. Before each event you will be invited to attend a preparation session.

Q How will I know what to do on the day?
A Before each event you will be invited to attend a briefing session. This will give you a chance to learn all about the activities and the expected needs of the visitors. It will also give you the opportunity to offer your own input in planning the sessions and reviewing their success.

Q Can I volunteer for more than one role?
A Yes, please do. This will give us flexibility to make sure we have good volunteers helping with every aspect of the events.

Q How will visitors recognize that I am a volunteer?
Our visitors will know you as a volunteer guide because you will have on a distinctive smart rugby-style shirt.

Q Will I be expected to lift heavy things or stand for long hours?
A No. We will try to make sure you are never asked to do anything that you are unhappy about or that makes you too tired. We always work together as a team.

Q Will I have to be DBS checked?
A Yes, if you wish to help with school visits. We require all our volunteers to undertake basic training in safeguarding (max 2 hours). Volunteers taking leading roles in Living Stones events are DBS checked, but those acting as their assistants do not.  All the children and vulnerable adults who participate in our events are required to be under the supervision of their parents or the responsible adult who is accompanying them.

Q Can I claim expenses?
A Yes, if you are purchasing resources for activities with the prior agreement of the Activity Co-ordinator. You will not be required to pay for any training materials or volunteer identification items, though in some cases a voluntary contribution may be made towards these.