NEWS: Iffley as seen from Australia

NEWS: Iffley as seen from Australia

FROM THE CURATE’S HOUSE: I received this image by email in the last couple of days. It came with a covering note from an agriculturalist in the Canberra area. He writes:

Hello from Australia. I recently purchased at a local trash and treasure market in Canberra an album of paintings by Alice Poyser (possibly b 185# married c 1876.) The paintings are of Switzerland, Belgium and Oxford. One of the paintings is of St Mary’s Iffley as attached. I see that in the painting from June 1874 there was still a large Yew tree in front of the church. I thought it might be of interest to you and the parishioners. Best wishes.

Poyser 1874 (1)

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For more on the exterior of the building, including the yew tree, go to Ron Cosford’s architecture pages.