Olive Planting Trip

Last year, St Mary’s supported the Olive Tree Campaign in Palestine as part of the Harvest Appeal 2012. With over £11,000 raised it was a highly successful appeal and could not have been reached without the generosity of all those who contributed.

The Olive Tree Campaign is a project of peace. This project that involves planting young trees on Palestinian farm land that is threatened with confiscation, crops destruction, or for farmers unable to tend their own land due to military restrictions or construction of the security wall, much of which is built on private Palestinian land.

Every year, the Joint Advocacy Initiative (JAI) – organised by the YMCA of East Jerusalem and the YWCA of Palestine, hosts an olive planting programme in West Bank Palestine for ‘internationals’ to come and join and take part in this project.

A small group from the St Mary’s congregation is now arriving in Palestine to join the tree planting programme and assist in a very ‘hands on’ manner. Throughout the trip the group will be uploading interesting pictures and experiences every day, which we expect will be varied and interesting!
If you would like to follow the events of the trip from on a live daily updated blog, please visit the website: The Palestinian Olive

Many thanks for all your support for St Mary’s Harvest Appeal