NEWS: Sundays in Lent

NEWS: Sundays in Lent

During Lent, our Sunday morning sermons will focus on four core pieces of Christian literature: the Beatitudes, the Creed, The Summary of the Law, and the Lord’s Prayer. Guest preachers will help us look with fresh eyes at these. Each week, the sermon text will be available online to read, with some questions to prompt further reflection.

22 February: Revd Chris Hancock, who has travelled widely in china and taught extensively in Chinese universities, will be preaching at 10am on the subject What would Confucius make of the Beatitudes?

1 March: Andrew Teal, Chaplain & Fellow of Pembroke College, will be preaching on The Creed: Do we still need to say it?

8 March: Andrew Bunch, Vicar of St Giles’ Church, will be preaching on The Law of Love: Justice or Righteousness?

22 March: Erica Longfellow, Dean of New College, will preach on  The Lord’s Prayer: Our Father…

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