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About Eco Church

Throughout the Church of England, groups and parishes are taking action under the Anglican Church’s Fifth Mark of Mission: to safeguard the integrity of creation. To help us raise our awareness, knowledge and commitment to the climate emergency as a parish, St Mary’s has signed up to the ‘Eco Church’ scheme.

Eco Church is an environmental awards scheme that aims to guide and help churches implement ideas about caring for God’s world through worship, teaching, buildings, personal lifestyles, and community involvement. The awards are a way of measuring achievement and communicating our response to climate change to the wider community. We have recently been awarded a Bronze Eco Church award from A Rocha, and are now working towards the Silver award.  However, awards are only milestones on the road to our true goal: being a carbon neutral church by 2030.

Over the past few years a small working group of church members has been meeting regularly to organise a range of different activies. We’ve organised special climate-services, environmental-quizzes and workshops on sustainability. We’ve also worked with local groups, particularly in Rose Hill, to plant trees, share our mission and pick up litter. We have also arranged an energy audit for three of the church buildings, and created a whatsapp group “St. Mary’s Eco Chat”, which is full of information about current issues, recipes, local news and signposts to e-lectures of interest. But, despite all this, we’d love to continue growing and doing more, so if you’re interested in joining us, please contact


Carbon Footprinting Sunday
20th Febuary 2022

Join us in the church hall between or after the services to get hands on help doing your own carbon footprint, and talking about our church’s footprint!


There’s lots we could all do in our home lives to reduce our impact on the environment. Whether car sharing on your journey to church, replacing old lightbulbs with energy efficient LEDs, or turning your electrical appliances off standby, consider what measures you can take as an individual. Even small steps can make a huge difference. Take a look at the resources below to learn more:

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